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Xian Valley Art Masterplan Xian Valley Art Masterplan is a masterplanning, architectural, interior and landscape design project in a typical “emptied-out” village located in Tonglu, Zhejiang. Working with local stakeholders, the clients are gradually converting several farm houses in the village into BnBs. The aim of the project was not to extract the maximum amount of profits for the operators at the cost to the locals, which is typical of many such rural regeneration projects in China. The approach was much more acupunctural, and comprised careful coordination with the village chiefs, government, and villagers, with the goal of giving back to the community through circular economies and knowledge exchange. The individual homestay buildings are scattered along a 3-kilometer path within a valley, with each building taking on individual characteristics derived from the immediate resources onsite. These included ruined buildings built with rammed earth, a seasonal stream, bamboo groves etc. On the master planning scale, new programmes and paths were woven along an uncovered stream, while public amenities were built to be used by both locals and the transient population. These include a small market, dining hall, and permaculture site, where local farmers are encouraged to share their expertise while being trained in new techniques. The entire project is also built with local labour, and will hire villagers to create a sustainable circular economy. 闲谷民宿是个乡村总规划、建筑、室内和景观设计项目,此项目位于桐庐县三槐村。三槐村是国内典型的“空心村”。这个项目宗旨是通过新开发模式,让业主、村民和游客受益。设计师和业主从始至终都与村民、村长和当地政府沟通协调,避免国内大多乡村改造的模板,并通过循环经济生态达到可持续发展。 项目的8个民俗和建筑沿着3公里的山路散落。各个单体得设计语言来自于场地的不同灵感和资源,风格都不一样,建设也采用了当地的施工队。单体民宿的灵感包括坍塌的夯土结构、季节性的小溪、竹林等等,让每幢楼都有自己的特色。在规划上,我们将新的功能和景观景点穿梭在之前隐秘的小溪,也设计了几个公共集合点,包括餐厅、集市和朴门展示点。这些空间不单开放给外来游客,也是当地村民可以营业,或获取新知识技能的地点。

Xian Valley Art Masterplan

Tonglu, Zhejiang

1500sqm + 3km valley masterplan

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