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Tonglu Permaculture Library The proposed Permaculture Library is located in Sanhuai Village, a so-called “hollowed” village in Zhejiang Province, China. Such emptied-out villages have become common-place since the market changes in the 80s and rural land reforms from the 2000s on. This project acknowledges the changes to the rural, but aims to reinvigorate such areas by introducing new forms of cooperation between the local and transient populations. The Library comprises a lounge, reading area, workshop, outhouse and archive. Other than the book storage, all buildings are kept open, and sit within a large permaculture garden, showcasing different local flora and fauna. Food is grown for both farmers and the BnB. The archive functions as a repository for seeds and knowledge to be transferred test sites in other villages, and to educate tourists and villagers on new sustainable techniques. The design uses only local materials – bamboo, thatch and stone from the mountains, but deployed in new forms. The curved roofs harvest water, and the walls deliberately left “ruined” – signifying both the passage of time and permanence. By establishing a site for the study and practice of permaculture, which espouses sustainable development through the careful deployment of local resources, knowledge and techniques, the project seeks to produce a new resilient ecology made up of villagers, tourists, and nature.

Tonglu Permaculture Library

Tonglu, Zhejiang


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