Employment Inquiries:

SKEW Collaborative is always on the lookout for talented and commited architects and designers. Please  submit CVs and portfolios (less than 5 MB) to hr@skewcollaborative.com

Project Inquiries:

Please email questions to info@skewcollaborative.com

Contact Us:

Shanghai Studio 

88 Luban Road  

Tower 4, Unit 301,

Huangpu District 

Shanghai 200023  


Tel: +86-21-64319153

Fax: +86-21-64319253

Hong Kong Studio 

158 Connaught Road West

Unit 7A

Hong Kong

Tel: +852-53960945

tel: 86-21-64319153    fax: +86-21-64319253    email: info@skewcollaborative.com

上 海 偏 建 建 筑 设 计事 务 所 上 海 市 黄 浦 区 鲁 班 路 88 号 4 号 楼 301 室 邮 编 200023