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Singapore Rail Corridor SKEW Collaborative was part of OMA and Olin’s finalist team for the competition to masterplan the Singapore Rail Corridor, a 24-kilometer stretch that runs from the north of the island to the south. The rail corridor was returned to Singapore as part of a land-swap agreement between the city-state and Malaysia, and provided an opportunity to radically change the urban fabric of Singapore. The programme included public amenities, cultural institutions and public housing. Uncovering the various contested histories (official and otherwise), the rail corridor was imagined as a living urban archive and memory of Singapore, with programming along the strip informed by these findings. The ambition was for these different rooms/layers to tie the masterplan even closer to Singaporeans, providing them a view into the complicated and multi-layered legacy of the rail corridor.

Singapore Rail Corridor Masterplan


24km masterplan

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In collaboration with OMA, Olin et. al

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