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Kowloon Fitness Park Masterplan The Kowloon Fitness Park Masterplan looks to revitalizing an original fitness trail located in Hong Kong. The project looks to address various issues surrounding the park – from a rapidly aging population to engaging new technologies, sustainability, and accessibility and safety issues. Recognizing that the historical significance of the site, the project attempts to reconcile different time cycles and layers of temporalities. These include centuries-long historic sites and trees, quarter-century generational growths, diurnal changes, and instantaneous virtual time, to name a few. By tackling the question of time, the park becomes a repository for the memory of the city, where visitors can engage, through both hi-tech and low-tech means, different aspects of the park. The masterplan is also not simply a physical space – through online workshops and exhibitions, the masterplan expands its topos in the digital realm, becoming a living archive for the city.

Kowloon Fitness Park Masterplan

Hong Kong

500m trail

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Research Categories

In collaboration with Lotus Architects Ltd, Stone Siu Fung Koo, Dorothy Tang and Ed Lee

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