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Dagu Road House This project weaves together two separate narratives that are present in Shanghai - and old city dominated by the relics of the housing boom that culminated in the 1930, and a new city punctuated with the speculative developments of the 1930s. It links up experientially a series of previously segregated and underutilized spaces in the northeastern quadrant of the house. The original materials of these spaces - terrazzo for the bathrooms, mosaic for the tingzijian and light for the air well - are twisted in a spiral to produce new spatial configurations for the renovated house. The spiral begins at the entrance at the ground level, and emerges at the roof as a terrace with views of the city's skyline. The rest of the house, restored to it's 1930s state, engages this core at intervals in opportunistic ways to minimize any potential useless space. The new architecture lies in the imaginary space in between the two epochs - suggesting that a dialogue is perhaps possible despite the seemingly irreconcilable just apositions between classic 1930s Shanghai and the cutting-edge metropolis of the new millennium.

Dagu Road House



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