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Chuan Garden Extension Phase II The Expanded House is an A&A of a semi-detached house in Serangoon Gardens. It addresses the aging demographics in Singapore with a new extension to cater for an enlarged multi-generational family. It was also an opportunity to improve a 1950-60s utilitarian semi-detached typology towards a climatically adjusted house. What began as an affordable and utilitarian typology catered to nuclear expatriate families working in the Royal Air Force from 1950-60s was transformed into a multi-generational family home. This project tackles two interrelated design questions of aging-in-place, and low-energy solutions with novel spatial configurations and improved envelope design for a stronger climate-responsive architecture. This “aging” innovation has the potential to bring new solutions to an urgent issue, where the aged can remain-in-place without downsizing to smaller homes, while incorporating expanded families with appropriate spatial separators and configurations in the same house. Existing houses need not be demolished even if density is increased. For greater legibility, timber-louvered and timber-colored exteriors were used to define all new additions, set against the original all-white house. Tropical modernism was long heralded as a design innovation unique to Singapore and the region, and there was an opportunity to further innovate in this aspect. The new roof extends from the existing terra-cotta pitched roof in a sympathetic manner, bifurcating into two expressive strands of folded roofs. This folded roof combines various conventional roof forms – dormers, skillions, butterfly roofs – to bring natural light and cross-ventilation to the deep spaces. New timber-louvered canopies were added to west-facing openings, creating sculptural volumes with added privacy, rain-shielding, balconies and coverings for mechanical equipment. The new covered courtyard and bridge serve as a privacy buffer and connector, which can be flexibly combined with adjacent living spaces. This courtyard is effectively a large, naturally-ventilated outdoor room for dining, recreating and multiple functions. With plenty of daylight and access to the landscape, this new nexus of the house remains cool without air-conditioning. With each passing tropical rainstorm, the outdoor room enjoys the visual delight and cooling effect of dramatic “waterfall” run-off from the butterfly roof.

Chuan Garden Extension Phase II



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