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28th Street Loft This project combines the spatial strategies of the changing room and the programmatic possibilities of the Shanghai partition. It is the only object needed to accommodate the lifestyles of the 2 young professionals previously working in Shanghai and Singapore who had moved to New York City. Each wanted only a cabinet and to separate his sleeping space from the other. 2 such structures are erected on the ends of the block-length loft. Each comprises a closet and changing space in the interior and an extroverted function on the exterior – one for lounging, and the other for an audio-visual console. The structure consists of an IKEA system with a frame of bent bamboo rods hung off the main structure at key points. The bamboo frame is tightly wrapped in packing tape. Installed with lighting strips, the structures are lit during events and resume their introverted function at other times. The new architecture resonates with the phenomenon of the conversion of downtown industrial lofts into work-live artist studios, to the more recent re-sale to young professionals who outfit them for “white loft” living.

28th Street Loft

New York, New York


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