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SKEW Collaborative and Pianjian are looking to hire dynamic and creative designers with critical thinking skills in the Shanghai and Singapore offices. The design team is cosmopolitan in outlook, with an emphasis not only on design, but also on discourse, theory, and an engagement with architecture and urbanism in expanded fields. Applicants should be skilled in modelling software, CAD, and Adobe. The team is involved in all levels of design and construction, and welcome candidates who are able to communicate through drawing and verbal skills. Past and present team members are listed below.

Please send a portfolio (no larger than 5MB) and your letter of interest to

Senior Members

Aaron Bing Liu, Alvaro Quintanilla Esparcia, Brian Chen, Chih Wen Chaw, Darren Zhou, Di’an Pan, Eunice Seng, Haiying Xiong, I-Shin Chow, Iuliana Chiras, Jose Angel Remon, Kirk Mazzeo, Koon Wee, Lam Laishun, Matthew Chan, Mihai Soltuz, Pedro Miguel Martins, Peng Wang, Sybren Boomsma, Theng Theng Soo, Weisen Cai, Xuewei Zheng, , Yin Lih Tham, Yuanyuan Sun


Team Members

Adrian Wen, Albert Sugiharto, Alessandro Ronga, Alex Isan, Alfred Pun, Amanda Hwa, Anselm Cheung, Aquilino Fernando Lopez, Beatrix Redlich, Beniamino Cristiano, Bin Fu, Calvin Chua, Catherine Wu, Cecilia Zhu, Chloe Dai, Chris Zhou Wei, Christy Ho, Clarence Fong, Claudia Zhang, Co Cha Wai, Cressica Brazier, Crystal Huen, Crystal Yiu, David Liu, Denise Jiang, Dennis Chau, Elton Sams, Elaine Yan, Eric Liu Lizao, Eric Po, Evan Li, Francesc Montosa, Gabriel Chan, Hill Hiu Ting Pun, Humphrey Keung, Iris Yuhui Xu, Jack Toh, James Donovan, Jerry He, Jiajian Tang, Jiangshan Ye, Jie Lei, Jin Xing, Joseph Rome, Junjiang Lei, Kelsy Alexander, Kenneth Lee, Ksenia Dyusembaeva, Kyle Ming, Lijia Bao, Lijun Ji, Lok Yee Chan, Lorraine Li, Madeline Lis, Melody Song, Mengchun Huang, Monica Cresentia, Nancy Chen, Natalie Khoo, Nicky Chang, Nicole Li, Ning Zhang, Olivier Bacin, Pauline Dai, Qingxiao Lin, Queenie Wong, Rachel Au, Renjie Teoh, Renwick Chan, Rico Kwok, Sam Cheng, Sam Ki Chun Ting, Sammi Cheng, San Dino Arcilla, Serena Chan, Shaokang Li, Sherrian Yu, Simon Wong, Songtao Yang, Teresa Lai, Trinh An Hanh, Vanessa Chew, Vivian Chau, Vivian Ho, Wahyu Pratomo, Wen Chen, Wenju Zhao, Xiaochuan Li, Xinyue Yao, Yannick Lo, Yue Zhang, Yimeng Lin, Susan Youlin Wang, Yu Jia, Yuyang Wang, Zhen Tong, Zhong Lin


SKEW Collaborative is an architecture and research practice that started in 2006 in Shanghai, before expanding to Hong Kong and Singapore. The first conception of the practice began in New York City in 2000, vis-a-vis SKEW's inaugural exhibition at the Substation Gallery in Singapore. As the Chinese translation of SKEW, Pianjian 偏建 was conceived uniquely for a mode of practice in Shanghai, and later in Singapore. [+]

Through various professional, research and academic platforms, the leads of SKEW and Pianjian are committed to an inventive and culturally sensitive design practice. The leads are currently teaching at the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore. They have previously taught at Columbia, Yale, Princeton, NYU and Pratt Institute. They have served in advisory positions at governmental agencies, think tanks and NGOs[+]

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