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Sectech Office The Sectech Headquarters and Factory project looks at a phenomenon where managerial offices are being pushed out of inner city Shanghai to the suburbs, with the assumption of cheaper rents and closer integration between production and management. The project is a pilot project for one of four simple shed factory spaces, and will be replicated to the other neighbouring buildings. Eschewing a typical separation between white-collar and blue-collar workers, the project seeks to create better relationships between staff and visitors. A conceptual tube made of steel threads through the building, creating new exterior and semi-conditioned spaces, while breaking down the parti wall separating the factory from the offices and creating new circulation routes. The tube creates views from both sides, as well as break-out spaces for different levels of staff to interact, while care was given to create a monumental stair on the factory facade to lend importance to the production spaces. The traditional facade elements and landscaping were also updated to provide a fresh and “hi-tech” look to the building.

Sectech Office



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