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​SC Office

Location: Huangpu, Shanghai

Area: 90 sqm

Client: Private Client

Status: Completed

The unusual location of this office within a typical podium - tower complex was the starting point of the project. The intersection point of the residential and commercial sections of this tower is a roof top garden surrounded by what is essentially "stolen space" - dead spaces rented out to offices that have no commercial presence anywhere else in the complex. These offices, complete with their own circulation and security systems, partition the complex sectionally into 3 disparate, hermetic zones.

​These interests in "stolen" useless spaces, and partitioning,are manifest in the design. A tube extends from the interior into the common corridor , gaining square footage for the small office, while transforming to an outdoor seating area. Made out of wood, salvaged bamboo flooring and cork, the tube divides the office into a raised meeting room that also house the office library, the toilet/pantry area, and the general workspace. Cuts are tectonically sliced into this tube to allow for circulation and communication, thereby expanding the sense of space within the relatively small interior.

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