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The Red Brick Art Asia Pacific, People's Architecture, and Lego commissioned a group of international artists and architects to produce pieces for charity, and provided each group with a box of white Lego pieces. The abstract whiteness of the blocks contrasted with the immediacy of the pieces as playthings for children, and this seeming disjunction was taken as the theme for the installation. Subverting the usual logic of Lego, the pieces were stacked on their sides to create a viewing mechanism that afforded two views into its interior - one at a child's height, and another at the level of an adult. Looking into the framed apertures at each end, the child sees a red-colored brick, while the adult observes a red glow, indicating a perceptual shift from the concrete to the abstract, from the immediate to the distant. The form of the tube morphs and echoes the different perspectives of the viewer, with the child's end in a organic, cave-like form, and the adult's side taking on cleaner, more abstract geometries.

The Red Brick

New York, Shanghai, Beijing


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