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Quanzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel This mixed-use complex in Quanzhou sits next to a large residential development owned by the same developer. This complex and residences are synergistic – the former offers prestige to the residents, while the latter shares its garden and provides a ready group of consumers. The tower comprises offices, a hotel, restaurants, a 1000-person ballroom, rooftop bar, as well as a gym and pool. The tower is designed to minimize blockage of the riverfront for the residential towers. Eschewing blind-end corridors commonly found in towers, each floor has lounges on either end promoting cross ventilation. These lounges extend into landscaped balconies every other floor to add visual interest to the façade. Different types of curtain wall windows are designed, along with vertical projected fins calibrated to provide shading for the tower. These windows are operable, capitalizing on the mild weather of the region. The atrium of the mall is connected to an urban shortcut from the residential development, and acts as a naturally ventilated wind tunnel. This porosity is inscribed in the perforated façade, which opens up, framing views of the exterior framed by planting for consumers.

Quanzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel

Quanzhou, Fujian


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World Architecture News Future Projects Award 2015

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