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The Other Factory: Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale This sister exhibition to the Seoul Biennale edition expands on the original to include industrial sites along the Pearl River Delta, in addition to the Yangtze River Delta. Spanning research and design from the 1950s to 2010s, the installation analyzes the political, technological, economic and social forces shaping industry in China, and theorizes that far from the typical tropes of deindustrialization, production is very much alive in the city, even as it takes on new forms. The exhibition dives into architectural and planning scales, unearths archival material and remaps areas such as Shaoguan, Jiading, Pengpu, Songjiang and Caohejing, in order to reveal potentials, invisible connections and alternate narratives.

The Other Factory: Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale


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