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Lippo Plaza Public Space Upgrading The Lippo Public Space upgrading project was a call to redesign the public spaces of a 39-storey building, in order to revamp the 20-year interior design. The scope includes all bathrooms, common corridors, as well as the ceiling of the elevator lobby, with the provision that any existing stone material is not removed. Key to the design is to create a new corporate identity for Lippo Shanghai, and to modernize its business image. This was achieved through a modern design and careful consideration of materials, including aluminum and light. Highly customized lighting details were developed to create knife-edge reveals within the walls that lend the spaces a sense of finesse, and the lighting temperature was also changed from warm to a cooler white to reinvigorate the space. The bathrooms were completely redone and include corner-folding mirrors to make the space seem more expansive, while elevating the design from the previous run-of-the-mill utilitarian look.

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Lippo Plaza Public Space Upgrading



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