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Dacra Global Office Located in the famed Shanghai abattoir redevelopment project, 1933 Millfun, the design of the Dacra Global Office sought to combine the unpolished, raw nature of the industrial found object with a sense of refinement required of the work environment of the US-based company. The primary design element, a delicate white ribbon, was woven through the long space, thickening and wrapping around itself to create new programs and work zones according to end user requirements. These new programmatic functions include a raised meeting room, cabinetry, and tables for the open office. Glass reveals and lighting strips further enforce the dynamism and reading of the ribbon, and the system was deliberately disengaged from the ceiling and the ground planes. The exposed concrete and structural elements were purposefully contrasted with the smooth finishes and lightness of the design elements, encouraging a clear reading of the dynamic centerpiece that seems to spiral within the more rigid envelope of the office.

Dacra Global Office



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