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Celine Office The Celine Shanghai Office is located at the top floor of one of Shanghai’s premier luxury office buildings. Workspaces within such podium-tower blocks are often generic workstations within an open plan, with a scattering of meeting and enclosed spaces. Such highly internalized spaces lose all forms of connection to the city. The design strategy used in this project deploys the material palette used in Celine’s stores (travertine, marble, reflective metals, wood etc) to strengthen the brand identity and to tie in the office to the retail spaces. These luxury materials mark out the social spaces and meeting rooms formed by intersecting and floating planes. This modernist approach in creating separation results in spaces that are never fully enclosed, with open corners, half height walls, floating ceiling planes etc. Crucially, reflective metal used in stores to create a clean and minimalist effect is used as a ceiling material within the office space. This not only extends the vista when looking through the architectural envelope, but also serves to literally reflect the historic city fabric (replete with Shanghai lane houses and park space) back into the once interiorized office.

Celine Office



In collaboration with Para Designworks

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