SKEW Collaborative is an architecture and research practice that started
in 2006, and is currently based in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Facing the need to reconcile these triangulated geographies, the cultural disparities between the cities became the raw material that feeds the studio’s work. Through an analysis of culture and the city, SKEW seeks to create architecture that is elegant and relevant, but more critically, architecture that can increase awareness about our cities and natural environment. In every project, SKEW will examine architectural artifacts produced by different cultures in order to design architectural strategies that can bridge, critique and translate between cultures and systems.

Through various professional, research and academic platforms, the design
principals of SKEW are committed to inventive and culturally sensitive design
practice. The design principals are currently teaching at the University of
Hong Kong in Shanghai and Hong Kong. They have also taught at Columbia,
Yale, Princeton Universities, NYU and Pratt Institute.

SKEW's work has been featured at acclaimed design events and forums such as the 2007, 2009 and 2013 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale, 2008 Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo's YOUprison Exhibition, 2010 Beijing Architecture Biennale, 2011 Chengdu Biennale, 2011 Singapore Hub-to-Hub Public Art Exhibition, 2015's "Luxury We Cannot Afford" Exhibition at Para-Site Gallery, and the 2017 Seoul Biennale.

SKEW has also received professional recognition such as the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award, "40-Under-40" from Perspective Global, "50-Under-50: Innovators of the 21st Century", AD100, International LEAF Award, Perspective Awards and other accolades. The works of SKEW has been published in publications such as Detail Magazine, Space Magazine, T+A, A+U, UED, Architecture Review, Elle Decor, and Singapore Architect, amongst others.

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