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​Jia Little Exhibition Centre

Location: Songjiang District, Shanghai

Area: 38,000 sqm

Client: Jia Little Enterprises

Status: Completed

Jia Little Exhibition Center integrates the display and production spaces of creative industries into a single complex, comprising an exhibition hall and three work-live atelier buildings. The strategy creates a seamless relationship between spaces of production and consumption, so that visitors reconnect with the knowledge of the processes of production.

The exhibition hall is a horizontal core made visible on the exterior through a steel-framed wood cladding system. This continuous core circulates visitors through the 4 buildings, enveloping the otherwise separate display spaces. As visitors move through the complex across the bridges into different production studios, they are re-oriented at different levels of lobbies and stairs. The core and circulation are prolonged through a retail strategy of linear persuasion, weaving visitors through many spatial experiences – from artificially lit interiors to exterior ramped bridges, from sleek exhibitions to design and fabrication studios. The experience of the exhibition is re-thought, and enhanced by the connectivity between production and consumption.

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