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New Brave Worlds (Asia), Princeton University School of Architecture, 2013 As

Special Leture, Seoul National University 2012

Leaders in Urban Governance Program China Study Lecture, URA Center for Liveable Cities 2011

Advanced Cultural Leadership Program Lecture, University o Hong Kong 2011

Non West Conference Lecture, Singapore Institute of Architects 2011

Architecture Day Forum, Shanghai Expo Basel Pavilion 2010

Singapore Conference Lecture, Modern Asian Architects Network 2010

Special Lecture, Social Innovation Project Youth Camp 2010

Career Discovery Summer Program Lecture, University of Hong Kong 2010

Special Lecture Series, China Academy of Art 2010

Garden City Inc Lecture, Anyang Public Art Program 2009

Futurism Centenary Forum, Art Hub & Performa 2009

Asian Design Culture Conference, Design Singapore Council 2008

Post-Disaster Reconstructon Forum, Southwest Jiaotong University/ T&A Journal 2008

YOU Prison Forum, Foundazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo 2008

Emerging Architectural Design Practices Lecture Series, Singapore Institute of Architects 2007

Design Hotel Forum, Space Magazine 2007

Asian Alterity: Asian Cities Case Studies Workshop, Asian Urban Lab 2007

Inspirng Hospitality: Shaping the Future Hotel Forum, Modern Media Group 2007

Invited Lecture, Tongji University School of Architecture 2007

Guest Lecture Series, National University of Singapore Department of Architecture 2007

Mobile City Singapore Conference, Asia Research Institute 2007

Student Lecture Series, Princeton University School of Architecture 2006

Lecture Series, Harvard University AsiaGSD 2006

Special Lecture, Ningbo University School of Architecture 2006

Tsunami Conference, Harvard University AsiaGSD 2005

Panel Discussion, Copenhagen ERA05 World Design Congress 2005

World Congress II, New York City Orphans International 2005

Art Ambassador Program, Southeast Community Development 2004

Special Design Workshop, LaSalle-SIA College of Arts 2003

Great Asian Streets Symposium, National University of Singapore 2002