Anthology Architecture + Design Festival 2018

Fora and workshop Feb 9-11, 2018 at

Anthology Festival, Manil

H. Koon Wee and Eunice Seng will be involved in the Anthology Festival for the second year running, participating in a series of fora, as well as leading a workshop titled "Building Agency: Manila". The ambition is for participants to come to terms with the intrinsic operations of architecture and urban development, on the multiple levels of policy, planning, market forces, business relationships, institutional organization, social norms, informal and resistant tactics, and many other levels.

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Architecture of Artifacts: Excerpts from a Diaspora Manifesto

Lecture Feb 1, 2018 at

The University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Center

Darren Zhou will be lecturing on the research and design projects of SKEW Collaborative at the Hong Kong University Shanghai Study Center. The lecture represents an ongoing research and design project for the firm, and looks at the way in which "urban artifacts" have impacted, and continue to impact the city, discipline, and the built environment.

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MA City Design Programme, School of Architecture 

Royal College of Art

Seminar Feb 1, 2018 at

Police Married Quarters (PMQ), Hong Kong

H. Koon Wee will be leading a seminar for students of the Royal College of Arts, MA City Design Program, led by Dr. Tarsha Finney. 

With a global urban population of four billion and 28 megacities, urban life is experiencing momentous change. New social groups are emerging, populations are ageing, family units are extending and dispersing, work is becoming casualised and whole communities have moved online. At the same time, dangerous new social divides are appearing on the periphery of cities, between different cultures, and now also between different generations.

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