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​Chuan Garden House

Location: Singapore

Area: 300 sqm

Client: Private Client

Status: Completed

Chuan Gardens is a semi-detached house form that belonged to a British colonial legacy. This project seeks out the design potential of the party wall that divides a detached house into 2 mirror-image halves.  The new design adopts an updated envelope of timber louvers, in order to prevail against the harsh west sun and unintended views from the neighbors. Expanded buffer zones were created between the original envelopes and the new timber skins, giving added possibilities of directed views and more robust sun-shading where needed. The new timber system meant that a deeper but lightweight overhang was possible, and living spaces beneath it became substantially cooler, to the extent that the walls could be removed in favor of a more direct connection between the indoors and the lawn and outdoor pond.

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